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Pariney & Kanika Amsterdam : This beautiful serene wedding held in Netherlands will give you some major bridal outfit goals!

Pariney & Kanika Amsterdam : This beautiful serene wedding held in Netherlands will give you some major bridal outfit goals!

Kanika and Pariney took their vows in a serene and beautiful wedding hosted at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Captured by Shades Photography, the couple ensure that the wedding was in keeping with their sensibilities, surrounding and their culture. Being a wedding planner herself, 

The Couple

Recounting their first meeting, bride Kanika says, “Ours was an arranged marriage setup. I was in Italy when my mom was in touch with Pariney’s family in India. It was only after I came back did she inform me about him. Pariney and I took a month to get to know each other. Two months later I travelled to India to meet him. We clicked well and got to know each other even better. We gave our relationship two years before we got married since we wanted to know each other better before tying the knot. Initially, it was challenging to deepen our relationship considering the communication gap and long distance, but we gave it our best.”

The Wedding

From having planned and executed so many weddings, Kanika knew one thing: she wanted an intimate, cosy and peaceful wedding. When it came to execution, she says, “What I really wanted was a traditional wedding, with all ceremonies probably done. I was not that easy as we have a lot of ceremonies before and after the wedding. We managed every little thing from AtoZ quite nicely! We were proud of it!”

Balancing Work + Wedding

The most important thing for any bride is to be able to lean back on her family for support and to outsource. Kanika agrees, saying “Before the wedding was finalized, I decided to convince Pariney’s family to come over to Amsterdam so that we could have the wedding here. Since my extended family and friends are based out of Amsterdam, it was easier for us to plan everything out. They agreed, and we had the most beautiful wedding away from the city on the outskirts of Holland.” My Sister Tanvi Anand and my best friend Shona Bhatia were on top for my wedding planning! I would have not survived a wedding of 7 days full of ceremonies, fun, dance, excitement and love without them! I have planned a lot by myself too, with a lot of help from my friends and family”

Shades Photography

Reviewing her wedding photographer, Shades Photography, Kanika couldn’t hold back her excitement!

“I had made the best decision to book Shades for my wedding! They made my wedding look fabulous! That is one of my biggest point I am really happy about during my wedding! Lovely people who became good friends, no actually FAMILY”

Check out this fabulous wedding below!

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